A unique take on social gatherings

In the days of social media, iPhones, texting, Snap Chat, etc.,  it can be refreshing to get the perspective of the older generation that was around before all this. Here we share the sentiments of a man who longs for the social aspects of smoking weed that he experienced long before the advent of social media and modern technology. Perhaps this was even before the days of the local vape shop… There is a definite nostalgic appeal to this memoir, regardless of your feelings about cannabis.

I began smoking herb 41 years ago and have always enjoyed the camaraderie of group toking. Back in the 70′s you could pull out your bag to roll one and almost everyone else would do the same thing. Pot was cheap and the police weren’t as aggressive. It was refreshing to sit in fellowship with friends and toke the night away.

I have Crohn’s Disease, arthritis, and deal with depression and anxiety. The depression and anxiety has been dealt with since I was a child (before cannabis came into my life). Cannabis helps ease the symptoms of all that ails me. However, I am missing the refreshing fellowship of friends around the sacred bowl. Having moved up and down the East coast with my jobs has caused me to lose the safety aspect of smoking with friends of old. When I do come across someone to share a toke with, they always seem to be dry.

I truly believe there is healing in fellowship with others around cannabis. As the laws s-l-o-w-l-y change, I look forward to the day when that fellowship can once again be enjoyed without the risk of arrest. I have attended support groups for Crohn’s sufferers and always leave discouraged hearing everyone’s “oh’s mes” (they probably got tired of hearing mine, also), but leave refreshed when I’ve been involved in a group smoke. I have fond memories of the 70′s and have great hope for the future. Now is time for the three of us to light up (me, myself and I). It just isn’t the same. The day is coming where pot smokers from coast to coast will and should come out of the closet for that wonderful fellowship around the herb. Peace and smoke with a friend today.

WIth a passion for pop culture and a pen in hand, I have been able to cultivate unique narratives to charm thousands of people. It's become an obsession with each passing day as I go through my notes, create new creatives, and simply build a world that is all-encompassing in what it has to offer. This is a journey that has taken me to places and let me understand what pop culture truly means at its core. The world is a fascinating place filled with beautiful narratives, fads, and mesmerizing realities that have come a part of who I am as a professional. I wish to convey these through my work.