Social And Cultural Trends

Social And Cultural Trends That Have Shaped Society In 2018

Social and cultural trends shape our society in ways that influence the future and younger generations. In a world where people are always tapped into social media, these trends get started and spread much faster. People increasingly have shorter attention spans, and that means a socio-cultural landscape that is constantly changing. What are some of the cultural trends and social movements that have impacted society lately?

Did you see the news about Bill Cosby? He was just convicted of the charges he faced. When the news about what he did to women first came out several months ago, it was quite a shocker to everyone. Yet well before he ever faced a criminal trial, people figured he was guilty. Even though they knew he was guilty, it was still a shocker when he was finally charged and convicted. It was like the realization that it was finally 100% a reality, America’s Dad had sexually assaulted women.

Cosby’s downfall is one of many as the #MeToo movement has continued to gather momentum and expose both men of power and regular men who have mistreated and assaulted women. The movement has really shaped a new culture where people aren’t going to stand for this type of behavior anymore. No longer will acts like these be buried, and no longer will people look the other way. The #MeToo movement has infiltrated Hollywood and major networks, and women are starting to speak up and out against this type of behavior.

Think about how technology changes social and cultural trends, too. For example, think about how the motion picture industry and the music industry both have been impacted by digital media trends. Do you remember when Taylor Swift was fighting to keep her music off of Spotify? It was one thing for music to be sold digitally, but digital streaming services have changed the way musicians and movie production companies make money. It has really shaken things up quite a lot.

Then there is the last presidential election. It might not seem like recent history anymore, as it happened two years ago. Yet what’s next? That’s the point I’m making here. That was the sociocultural trend heard round the world. We didn’t elect a regular politician for president, and who knows what doors that will open. You can just imagine what the next presidential election is going to look like, an I’m certainly not saying it’s a good thing.

Consider how social media continues to change and influence people’s lives. Do you remember when Facebook was first started? Now it is a dinosaur, and people are using all kinds of social media apps like Snapchat, Twitch, and others. Have you heard of the robot citizens? Oh yes, that’s another one. If you start looking into the more recent sociocultural trends, you’re not going to believe what you find. There are some that you are already familiar with, and there are some that are coming to a neighborhood near you, like the robot citizens for starters.